Sunday, July 23, 2006

San Diego

Been having a great con. I LOVE seeing folks in costumes, and I've been taking pictures like crazy. Unfortunately, I lost my camera on Saturday night, along with all of the photos that I took on Saturday. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I have another camera, and I can always just replace this one, and luckily it was only the photos from Saturday, but still.

Anyway, I'd been having a great convention up until then. The highlight was probably the Snakes on a Plane panel. Kenan Thompson was the emcee, and they put on a *show*. 10 minutes of world premiere footage, a few giant snakes on stage, and Samuel L. Jackson being hilarious. A nice change of pace from the Snoop Dogg panel, in which Mr. Dogg was a no-show. My friend who stayed till the end (he was tired) reported that Snoop eventually phoned in because he was "stuck in traffic". Jaime Pressly (Joy on "My Name Is Earl") was also a no-show, but at least her panel for the movie DOA was completely cancelled.

My friend Lito and I happened to be present at the McFarlane/Kirkman dust-up. We had slipped in to grab a seat before the next panel had begun. It wasn't rude, but it was funny. (Basically: a polite but insistent & eloquent fan asked Todd McFarlane when he was going to focus on making comics again, and wouldn't let Todd's evasions stand. Eventually, someone else on the panel recognized that the fan was actually comic writer Robert Kirkman, who writes a couple of really good books published by Todd's company Image. Todd got a bit embarrassed, but held his own, and said he'd draw a book to Kirkman's script if Kirkman could convince his editor and the editor could convince Todd. Fat chance, but it made for good drama for the last five minutes of the panel.)

Anyway, I hope Sunday is quieter than the last two days. I haven't walked the floor as much as I would like, so today will have to be the day.


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