Monday, July 24, 2006


Going back to the ComicCon on Sunday cheered me up immensely, even though I miss my camera and I know I had a handful of great shots on it.

Sunday is the lightest day, which meant that I was able to wander the hall and interact with artists. I was able to get the latest issue of 52 (number 11, the debut of Batwoman in her costume) signed by Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones, thus hopefully making my friend Pam a very happy lady.

I also met and got a sketch from Scott Shaw!, who was the writer and artist of Captain Carrot, the first comic that I ever collected every single issue of.

I purchased copies of the Yoshihiro Tatsumi's two gorgeous hardcovers, and got them signed by the artist. Mr. Tatsumi is in his 70s, but he very kindly did full-page sketches in each of the books for me. He was about the sweetest man I've ever seen at a comic convention. While I was waiting, Adrian Tomine did a small but intricate sketch in my sketchbook.

But the highlight of the day was finding Jaime Hernandez sitting at the Fantagraphics booth with no line. I was able to commission a GORGEOUS pencil sketch of Hopey for Tino, who is a longtime fan. Yay!


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