Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Animated Macho

This image has been added to the Flickr Beefcake!!! photo pool by Sean808080. It's an animated gif (if you click through, hit the all sizes button on the left, and then view the original size, you can see the animation) from the Nashoba BearHistory.com website that I blogged last week.

Sean808080 also posted the film poster to Macho, which I think he found here. (Macho is otherwise known as Huevos de Oro and is available in the US as Golden Balls. Here's the IMDB listing. It stars Javier Bardem and was a follow-up to Jabon Jabon. Funny what Google can teach you.)


Blogger Mike said...

Golden Balls is a REALLY GREAT MOVIE by a really great underrated Spanish film maker BIGAS LUNA. He's also directed the Spanish classics BILBAO (1978) and JAMON JAMON (1992).

I had the pleasure of meeting SeƱor Luna a few months ago. He's a brilliant and handsome man. Check out his website. http://www.bigasluna.com/

12:02 PM  

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