Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Mirror of Love

Last year Top Shelf Comics published The Mirror of Love as a beautiful hardcover. Alan Moore's 1988 poem was originally written as an 8-page comic for a self-published pro-gay rights benefit comic against Britain's Clause 28. A few years ago, artist José Villarubia, who has worked with Moore on comics in the past, worked with playwright David Drake to adapt the poem as a one-man theatre piece, which Villarubia performed in the nude. Eventually Villarubia re-adapted the poem, with the permission of Moore and his original artistic collaborators, illustrating the work with a series of gorgeous art-photos. has an exhaustive essay detailing the history of the project, illustrated with several photos from Villarubia's adaptation. has published Alan Moore's complete original script for The Mirror of Love. Villarubia went his own direction with the artwork, but it's amazing to read Moore's scripts (as always).


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