Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Books I'm Reading But Not Writing About

52: The art yo-yoed a bit in the first month, but recently it's improved. My favorite storyline is the Renee/Question/Batwoman arc, but this week's frightfest with Sue Dibny was pretty gruesome (and fun). I should take a moment and re-read this from the beginning.

Supergirl and the Legion: I've liked Mark Waid's revamp since it launched, but the current run with Supergirl (and the attendant mystery of her presence) is pure candy.

All-Star Superman: Insanely great.

Batman, Detective, Superman, Action: the revamp of the Bat and Super franchises has been solid. Morrison's Batman is my current favorite of these.

Daredevil: I think this, and the now-on-hiatus Young Avengers is the only Marvel series that I pick up regularly.

Local: Love the stories, love the art.

Age of Bronze: Every issue Eric Shanower manages to surprise me, someone who's been reading and studying Greek (and Roman) myths since childhood. I don't think there's a better artist in the field who's publishing on a regular, albeit bimonthly, schedule, and he manages to make all those dark-haired characters somehow distinct in a b&w book. Amazing.

Wonder Woman: OK, I have written about this one, but I loved the first issue so much that I can't not mention it. Or something.


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