Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogging The Complete New Yorker

Yesterday I received my copy of The Complete New Yorker, the 8-DVD archive spanning 80 years of New Yorker history. I've decided to write up some of the historical articles that I've been tracking down.

The first article I searched for was actually a request from my boyfriend: Truman Capote's brutal profile of Marlon Brando. "The Duke in His Domain", from the November 9, 1957, issue (disc 5: 1957-1964), begins on page 53 and ends on page 100, albeit with plenty of luscious full-page 1950s advertising along the way. It turns out that the profile was published online at after Brando's death, an odd tribute given the tone of the piece. To quote the New York Times obituary of Brando:
It was while filming "Sayonara" (1957) that Mr. Brando agreed to an interview with Truman Capote for The New Yorker. The resulting article, "The Duke in His Own Domain," was a patronizing portrait of a somewhat dim prima donna. "People around me never say anything," Mr. Brando said. "They just seem to want to hear what I have to say. That's why I do all the talking." Mr. Capote expressed astonishment that Mr. Brando objected to the piece.
What are some other articles or stories that I should track down? I've got 80 years of issues at my fingertips, but I don't know where to begin.


Blogger jeff w said...

The original movie review of Bonnie & Clyde is interesting. They panned it. A few issues later it was re-reviewed as a Classic.

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