Monday, January 16, 2006

New Crush

Last week's My Name is Earl was Mariah-level insane. Randy, as always, is the hottest "I-don't-realize-how-hot-I-am" bear on TV.

But Jon Favreau's guest spot was so great, I had to burn it off my Tivo. Highlights include:
  • Earl, raging with jealousy over Jon F.'s fantastic life, not being able to resist sneaking a peek when the two are at the urinal
  • Earl's realization that, yes, there's one more thing to be jealous of
  • When Jon senses the look, Earl mutters something about "not being able to focus", Jon suggests that Earl blow on it. "Here, let me show you".
  • Finally, Jon's ultraswank prison metal cup with the Sharpied inscription World's Best Bottom
What's not to love?


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