Friday, February 24, 2006

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Dear Michael Slezak,

I had never heard of you until I discovered the online-only articles you are writing for Entertainment Weekly recapping American Idol. Now I'm your biggest fan.

Let's take a look at your overview of the Top 24 contestants (written last week):
Lastly, Mandisa Hundley — who from here on out I will refer to as Mandisa! — was already a front-runner based on her revelatory Hollywood-week takes on ''Dim All the Lights'' and ''Band of Gold,'' but by confronting Simon tonight over the cruel remarks he made about her weight at her initial audition, the zaftig stunner claimed Idol status in households across the nation. Tell it!
Your breakdown of the Top 24 into categories ("The sure things", "the vulnerable favorites", "the intriguing longshots", "snowball's chance" and "hell to the no!") was spot-on. The four contestants eliminated this week all fell into the categories "longshots" (Becky, Patrick), "snowballs" (Bobby) and "httn" (Stephanie).

I agree with 95% of your comments about the performances on ladies' night and gentlemen's night.

Here are my thoughts: keeping the lesson of AI Season 3 in mind (America can't handle too many divas), I think we're due for a three-way Paris, Mandisa! and Lisa sing-off. In Season Three, the Forgettable One (Jennifer Hudson) finished 7th, the classy one (LaToya London) 4th, and the Monster (Fantasia) won. Expect a duel to the death between the young'uns Paris and Lisa -- Lisa is likelier to go first. When Kinnik is gone, Simon will begin to make cracks about Mandisa!'s age. Advantage: Paris, unless she becomes an annoying monster.

On the boys' side, expect a Will/Kevin/David fight. I predict David will go early unless he "repents" and is good next week. Will is cute in a Donny Osmond way, but American grandmas *love* cute dorks. Advantage: Kevin, especially if Simon keeps insulting him.


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