Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lazy Afternoon

I guess I should write about fake writers more often? My post about the posters for the JT Leroy film has been blogged by GalleyCat, Gawker, GalleyCat again, Violet Blue, Academics Anon, and Defamer. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm on winter break this week (I love my job). Here's what's on my radar today:
  • I have a simple recipe for slow cooker roast beef that is amazing to eat. I was missing one ingredient (the can of French onion soup), so I improvised with a sliced red onion, some balsamic, and an extra bit of beer. I'm not sure if we can eat this tonight, but damn it's starting to smell great. Guess I should have made a recipe mosaic.

  • It's laundry night at chez Bear, so we gotta go to our favorite laundromat-in-the-mission. According to that Yelp listing, the Fiesta has free wifi. This surprises me; Fiesta is very clean, and it has a parking lot, and I love the place, but the clientele doesn't exactly strike me as the free wifi sort. Hipsters looking to work out their crackberries don't stop here, as far as I can tell; it's mostly working class Chicano families. Maybe the wifi is just a neighbor's open port?

  • Wednesday has become the most important night for television. Let's see: two-hour American Idol, the Project Runway reunion, the return of sissybear Jay McCarroll on Project Jay, Kath & Kim on Sundance channel, and normally a new Law & Order (damn you, Olympics!). Thank god we've got three DVRs.

  • Still thinking about Sturtle's Brokeback sequel that I blogged yesterday. Sturtle turned the most reserved character in modern cinema into always-ready-with-a-bon-mot Harold from The Boys In The Band, which doesn't make much sense (but is hilarious on its own). If Ennis is anyone from Mart Crowley's play, he's Alan. The problem with Alan, though, is that he's not as verbal as Harold or Michael or Emory.

  • Here's what I'd love to see: Vincent D'Onofrio (from Law & Order: Criminal Intent), George Duran (from Food TV's Ham on the Street) and Ethan Suplee (Randy, from My Name Is Earl) in a big ol' fashioned pie-eating contest. Maybe with lots of chocolate sauce, and clingy white t-shirts, and oops! I spilled some filling onto you, and let me take that dirty thing off of you and.... Sigh.

    (PS to George Duran: Don't even think about Ernie, because I saw you first. Kthxbi, Bill)

  • Q. Who knew that Green Lantern was a bottom?

    A. Everyone.


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