Saturday, February 18, 2006

Connected Again

Image hosting by PhotobucketI thought that my vintage iPod (no video!) was getting old. Turns out it wasn't my iPod; it was just the firewire cable. Thank god the replacement was only $19.

To give thanks, here are a couple of podcasts that I discovered last summer when I was on my own in Italy for a long stretch:

Slate's Daily Podcast: a short essay (usually around 8 minutes) read by Slate editor Andy Bowers. (Begun in July 2005; I must have discovered it very soon afterward.)

Radio Memories: a collection of old-time radio dramas. I quickly gravitated to the episodes introduced by OTR expert Jim Widner, who now hosts two OTR podcasts: Adventures in Radio (usually suspense, thriller and horror) and The Radio Detective Story Hour (crime and detective).


Blogger Harry "broadcastellan" Heuser said...

Which shows do you enjoy most? Do you tune in for the stories, the voices, for nostalgia or camp? I'm curious about what attracts listeners to so-called old-time radio. Perhaps you'll share your thoughts. Cheers, Harry

6:39 AM  
Blogger Bill said...


I first began listening to Old Time Radio as a way to pass time while driving long distances in my car. Episodes of Suspense are my favorite for this: they're short, self-contained (no ongoing story arcs), and have very high production values.

I play a handful of classic episodes ("Sorry, Wrong Number" and "The House in Cypress Canyon" are reliable) in a class that I teach, and my kids are enthralled.

Jim Widner's podcast introductions are absolutely fascinating to me, because he gives insights into radio history that are new to me. I confess I haven't done much digging into OTR history, so I can't tell what's new and what's introductory. But it's all great to me.

I listen to his shows on my iPod while I'm doing dishes, or laundry, or shopping for groceries. When I was in Italy last summer, I listened to them on the metro and while walking through the streets of Rome.

6:57 AM  

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