Wednesday, March 01, 2006

AI: Top 10 Women

Here at Chez Bill, the boyfriend fell asleep midway through American Idol. I don't think anyone can blame him.

Michael Slezak's Entertainment Weekly online column this morning, Risk-Free Business, was on the money: Mandisa! sang the best, but too many of the others tried to be safe. Ayla was a surprise, while plucky cute-as-a-button Kellie Pickler wasn't half bad (but was still annoying). I was deeply disappointed by Paris and Lisa. I hope Brenna and Heather are out next.

Dear God: have Mandisa! sing "Wild Women Don't Get The Blues" on an upcoming show.

Next up: Top 10 Men. I predict a "hot" show (they love to contrast the boys versus the girls), but expect flameouts from some of the bottom dwellers. My guess -- young David will be better than last week, while Sway will do something crazy like sing a song in bass to "show off his range". Paula will continue to be completely incomprehensible, and I will drink everytime I hear the words "dawg", "dawg pound", "America loves you", "star", "we've got a hot one tonight", "likeability", "journey", "bring it", "tone of your voice", "cabaret", "karaoke", and the inevitable "you did your thing".

Secret fun fact: I take notes on each performance. I assign smiley or frowny faces, and the boyfriend has to assign a face as well. Here are some comments I wrote last week and yesterday:
  • Don't sing ever again
  • Paula = high
  • hot stoner
  • Donny Osmond
  • awwwww
  • drag performance. H-A-T-E
  • worst -10
  • N-O. boring
  • Sleestack
  • Stevie Wonder hates you, don't sing his song
  • baldy hot
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Blogger CameraDawktor said...

I agree with you about Mandisa, I definitely thought she did the best last night and the two young chicks were a bit of a disappointment!

5:16 PM  
Blogger Lito Sandoval said...

The problem with the women this week is that they didn't become their songs, Mandisa came close but she was far from perfect, hitting sharp notes that made the hair on my back twinge. And she pissed me off! Don't be dressing like Aretha back in the day, if your vocals don't deliver like ReRe back in the day! The girl who did Bonnie Raitt, I thought showed the most star power (ie beyond singin/having presence.)

Frank Sinatra was a one genre pony. Sway did more of the same. And lil nerd boy was painful to watch. My only complaint about Chris, who raised the bar and somethin in my boxers, is that his pants weren't 70s tight so I could have nasty dreams.

Just watched the results, and I agree with them.

9:00 PM  

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