Friday, June 30, 2006

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1I was impressed with the first issue of the new Wonder Woman series. Writer Allan Heinberg did a great job of making it completely accessible. I was able to give it to the non-comic-geek bff (boyfriend/fiance) with the following:

ME: You only need to know three names: Diana Prince.

BFF: Yeah.

ME: Steve Trevor.

BFF, smiling: Lyle Waggoner!

ME: And Donna Troy used to be ... Wonder Girl!

BFF and ME: YAY!

Ok, so we're like that.

At any rate, he read it and loved it. The art by the Dodsons is dynamic and gorgeous, and the final page is Fab All Gear in its Emma Peal-rageousness. I can't wait until the next issue, and I think I may have a convert in the house. (This is in marked contrast with my attempts to push-n-explain Infinite Crisis. The less said about that, the better.)

By the way, I just noticed that the art of the first four covers of Wonder Woman all feature the costume of the classic Wonder Woman, not the current "new" Wonder Woman who is actually starring in the book. Odd, but perhaps it's a clue about how long the new Wonder Woman will stick around.


Blogger SouthernJubilee said...

Have you read Heinberg's work on Young Avengers? I recommend it to all my comic-reading friends, especially to The Gays. And yeah, I totally expect Diana to be wearing the outfit again within 6 issues.

5:50 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Yes, I love Young Avengers. It's a little too steeped in Marvel history for me to recommend it to the bff, but I enjoy it.

I'm also loving All-Star Superman and Fables right now. Can't wait for Grant Morrison's run on Batman. Eek!

11:14 AM  
Blogger GayProf said...

Loved the book, but there can only be one Wonder Woman: Diana. Well, until I get to be her.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

I keep threating the bff that he'll have to dress up as Wonder Woman at Comic-Con (we're going together this year, and it's his first comic convention ever). He's going to make his own WW t-shirt, but that's as close as he'll get.

I agree that Diana is the first and the only, but I don't mind reading a few adventures about Donna.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous zot said...

It's interesting that your BF found it totally accessible, because I found it kind of confusing (and not very interesting).

I'm thinking I have too much and too little info to enjoy a lot of the recent DC stuff. What I mean by that is that my main DC knowledge is Silver Age and a bit of modern age (and I didn't read Infinite Crisis or 52)--so, for example, I know Donna Troy was Wonder Girl, but am confused about if she is or isn't an Amazon and if she appeared before or after Wonder Woman appeared in current continuity.

Maybe books like WW and Flash (whose first issue I felt similarly about) are geared toward uber-fans and totally new readers.

I do like Young Avengers, though, so I'll probably stick around WW a few more issues

4:57 PM  

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